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Over the years, we have acquired valuable experience in developing and implementing requirement-specific software systems. We have learnt and cultivated a number of unique techniques - which enhance the development process - through our R&D activities. Numerous tailor-made tools and reusable code models help us improve our competence.

Application Solutions

We provide complete application maintenance. We have technology experts, program managers and development teams who work in tandem to keep your application up and running all the time.

Features of our application maintenance and support services? bring many advantages:

  • No need for keeping dedicated staff for the maintenance when we can do it better.
  • Get domain experts from different work-areas under one roof to work for your application.
  • Our experienced and highly qualified engineers have years of working on complex and sensitive applications. Their experience helps to understand a new application quickly.
  • We do offer dedicated resource wherever it is required
  • We do offer flexible timing to our overseas customers
Over the years we have incorporated myriad of technologies and platforms in wide range of projects. Our dedicated software development team has done avid Application Development using the following technologies.



  • Applications Development / Maintenance Services
  • Database Development / Maintenance Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Software Integration Services
  • Engineering and Testing Service
  • Dedicated Application Hosting & Management Services

Server-side Technologies

  • .Net 2010 , 2008 & 2005
    (C# & VB.net)
  • Visual Basic
  • C / C++

Database Technologies

  • MS Sql Server 2008 & 2005
  • MS Access
  • My SQL
  • XML

Web Solutions

Hand coded XHTML/CSS :

There is a number of software solutions that can automaticly slice design, but that kind of an approach rarely results in a user friendly, optimised code. That is why we hand code every web page we create.

Browser Compatability :

Code compliant with all major web browsers Every web page we make is optimised for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera Browser and Google Chrome. If you need, we can also deliver you a code optimised for any other browser.

W3C Standard :

W3C Standard compliant World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops specifications, guidelines and tools for web development so it can ensure the advancement of the Internet and using all of its potentials. That is why we always optimise our code using their guidelines.


Code optimization for search engines (Code SEO) The most important thing on the Internet is the availability and the presence of your web page. That is ensured by search engine optimisation. That is why we always pay attention to our client's SEO so it can generate more visits to your web page and by doing so - a bigger profit.


Organised and commented XHTML/CSS code Our code is descriptive and well organised. By doing so, we shorten the code (more code means more loading). We favor the single-line CSS formatting, but if you have other requests, we will organise your code a differently for free.

Image optimisation :

Image optimisation during slicing While we slice your design, we optimise your pictures and choose the format most appropriate for your solution.

Email Message:

Turning your design into an e-mail message or newsletter We can turn your design into an e-mail message (newsletter), optimised for all major e-mail clients (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo)

jQuery Framework :

Animations and effects (Javascript - jQuery framework) We will implement simple effects by your order and if you want some advanced functionalities, we will be happy to send you an offer.

sIFR :

The implementation of the sIFR technology which allows using non standard fonts on the web page without the negative side-effects on the usability and availability on search engines.



  • Web Designing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Re-Designing
  • Flash Website Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Application
  • E-commerce Website
  • Web Portal Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Server-side Technologies

  • ASP.Net 2010 , 2008 & 2005
    (C# & VB.net)
  • MS Sql Server 2008 & 2005
  • Java Serve-let Pages
  • PHP

Client-side Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript / ECMA Script
  • J Query
  • CMS