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JKS Info-Tech is a Global Information Technology (IT) Solutions Company since August 15th 1999. Main motive of our company is to provide Uninterrupted Service to our Customers/Clients. We have established our company's name well in the minds of our customers. We have clear idea in the business of Information Management and provide quality in software solution to our clients. We offer expertise in the utilization of technology for Desktop Application Solutions, Web Application Solutions and Tailor-made Products services in a cost-effective yet value-maximizing manner. We are committed in working closely with organizations and catering to the various information solutions at all levels through effective & systematic working style.

Our associates and technical team distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. Our team mainly focusing on Total Quality and Customer satisfaction.

With our knowledge in the sphere of information management and experience in the field of computerization, we have suggested effective ways of computerizing client's organization and help reaping maximum benefits. Throughout the process, JKS Info-Tech has always kept in mind the clients requirements, culture and budget constraints. With impeccable service and quick turnaround JKS Info-Tech will make your investment towards computerization phased, painless, efficient and value-for-money. The only goal of JKS Info-Tech is to work together with clients in the process of meeting their objectives.

Goals & objectives in our products & services:

Efficient Solution
Must be efficient
  User friendly
Must be user friendly
Built-in safeguard for authorized usage   Must have operational procedures which are easy to understand and follow
Must be flexible enough to meet the growing demands And changing requirements of the user   Must be transparent in all commercial activities. There are no hidden policies